Top 10 Hesitating Reasons Before Buying a Timeshare

Timeshares has brought so many dreamy visions of a wonderful vacation – quiet cabin or sandy beach, scenic view of mountains and the likes. However, it is not all pleasure when we say timeshare.

Sometimes, when we are too excited to jump right into our dream getaway, we tend to overlook things. Soon enough, we realize that the property we acquired is not something we expect it to be while we were browsing over the facilities and accommodations.

Some companies would just mess around people’s trust and mislead them some information. Just to help you ponder on these troubles, here are a few reasons why you should not jump right into these deals.

  1. Flexibility over time and location is not so achievable with this kind of investment. There are moments that we want to jump right into an adventurous getaway. Yet with timeshare, you’ll only get the chance to be in you unit over a specific time. Although, an advantage is that you don’t have to book in advance or secure reservations for a longer time.
  2. Promises are made to advertise. To be able to catch much attention from potential buyers, resorts who are selling a piece of their property make sure they are getting a lot of bids. Resort owners do their best to convince people on trading opportunities with timeshares. The attraction to travel the world with this trading arrangements pulls customers to a deal they might regret in the end. The deal sounds good – you would be able to trade your timeshare with another timeshare somewhere in the world but somehow these dealings are not beneficial on your part. Take into consideration what are truly the things you will be getting before you trade in.
  3. Timeshare can be too costly. One of the tactics that resort owners do is to give a very competitive price over the property. When you jumped right into it, you would not mind the extra fees that the resort owner is asking you. Charges like housekeeping, annual, park and reservation fees might be higher than what you really paid in acquisition.
  4. Do not attempt to join a buy and sell business with a timeshare. If you’re buying a timeshare with a future intention of re-selling it, then stop and look away from that plan. It will never be a pleasing experience.
  5. Make sure to have a cooperative company that will truly assist you. If you would like to make a deal with timeshare companies, you have to make sure that the company has a support system that will assist you all through out. Some companies will just guide on your first phase of acquiring such property. Later on, if you have some troubles with billings and other concerns, you suddenly cannot reach them.
  6. Be vigilant with what you are paying. Interest rates are roughly high and might just eat up all the expenses.
  7. Be sure with your plans. For most timeshares, cancellations and other changes on your reservations might just have to be within 24 hours. Therefore, your refund or other reimbursements might not be in a good system.
  8. Some resorts are still under construction. Resort owners are too overwhelmed to put their resorts on sale without informing customers that some part of the resort is still under construction. Thus, you might not like it when you are there.
  9. Earning points to have extra vacation credits is not that liable. Some timeshare owners sometimes design a point system for the buyers. These points are converted to special packages for accommodations and other special privileges. However, it is somehow impossible to earn these points if you only get a week to spend in their resort.
  10. Additional charges are sprouting out every now and then. You have to consider that owning a timeshare puts you into a lot of fees and charges. Sometimes these are higher than the cost when you purchased the unit.

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