Timeshare and Travel Club Memberships : A Lifetime Investment

If 25 to 30 years ago, you purchased your timeshare and had religiously paid maintenance fees then you must be dying to get rid of it. When you had it back then, the maintenance ranges from $500 to $700 per year, which equals to a vacation for a week or weeks. Soon enough, you’d be contemplating on the value that you purchased. Then the question, “what did you buy?”

You’d only realize the true value of your timeshare when you finally have it out in the market for a resale. You would trace back the cost you have exerted when purchasing the property to its yearly maintenance fees. This is one of the reasons why you would want to get rid of the unit – the monthly charges on a dormant investment. With all the charges you have to keep updated with, you also have some repair fees and the travel cost you have to spend to get into your timeshare destination.

Yet we all have to face the present regression in our economy. The dreamed timeshare you had been maintaining over the years will definitely become a sacrificial lamb to balance your financial standing. However, before you let it go, try to assess the progress of the property you have been sustaining. After all these years, what are the developments of the timeshare? What are the upgrades on services and amenities? Are there renovations in the physical setup of the unit? These are the things to ponder when weighing the value of your property – to help you reflect to stay with it or let it go. Your yearly charges will still be collected even if you don’t use your unit for a particular time.

Those who are interested in travelling, timeshare travel is definitely for you. If you have chosen a travel that fits you, go ahead and pack. However, if you like the idea of adventures in travel but find planning a trouble, a regular schedule of a timeshare suits you well. For a reasonable cost, you would be able to experience great adventures on travelling plus the accommodations and amenities are definitely competitive, especially with their resort packages.

Timeshares has other option which is presently consumed by today’s generation and that is the Travel Club Membership. Members only pay a one time membership fee of about $3000 and no monthly maintenance charges. This travel club have access to almost 5000 resorts, discounts on cruises, hotels, air fares and car rentals for the rest of their lives. They can also pass the membership on to their kids and do not necessarily resort to selling it. In timeshare, you may find it hard to resale it.

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