Merits and Demerits of Timeshare Resales


  1. It is more economically sensible to purchase a timeshare than buying an entire vacation spot. We all know that vacations are granted on about 2 to 3 week a year. You really don’t have the entire 365 days to enjoy a vacation house, so why pay for it? You might consider buying resales because they are far cheaper than the original timeshares resold by developers. They actually depreciate in value once you acquire them. When being resold, timeshares are dropped even by pennies because people are desperate enough to get out from paying yearly fees for such properties. You really don’t have to be bothered with these maintenance fees; there would always be someone who will watch it out for you if anything goes wrong.
  2. Timeshares are sure vacation spots. Sometimes, when you are too busy all year round with your job, you won’t have time to organize your holiday break. But with timeshare, it would be easy for you to just jump right away on your vacation spree. You know where you are going and already have an idea on how much would you be spending for such getaway. Some companies have already laid down a list of activities for you, so you won’t have to waste time thinking what else to do for your vacation.
  3. When you want to go out in a large group or that you have a large family, a timeshare is perfect for you. You will be saved from extra bookings in hotels or even on extra meals, since you’ll be having your own kitchen.
  4. Aside from a wonderful unit you owned, you will get a chance to trade your unit with another. This offers you a great flexibility in choosing different location and time if ever you feel tied and bored with the same place every year. This type of scheme will allow you to rent out another timeshare and on the other end you can also have your unit be rented out with somebody else. You can make extra money and at the same time you’ll get the chance to travel to another vacation spot. There are a lot of options as to whom you’ll have it rented out – maybe it with your friends, relatives or some stranger over e-bay.
  5. We all know that timeshares are not investments but timeshare resales could be. When acquiring a unit, you have to think in advance. Try to assess if the area where your unit is located will be developed in a few years time. If so, reselling your property will most likely go up in value. You can make a good fraction from the original price – making a sense financially.


  1. Yearly maintenance is always a part of timeshares. So when acquiring from a resale, you are not exempted from these charges – you are still pay them and might vary depending on the location. Sometimes, when you are too excited to buy a unit, the cost of the yearly maintenance might be overlooked.
  2. Some timeshares have limited contracts. You might not be allowed to have your timeshare be rented out by somebody else or exchange or even resell your place for a certain time or in a specified number of years. This is a hassle to you since most of the time in the year, your property is immobile. And you are hindered to generate money out of it because you are tied with the contract.
  3. Your vacation schedule is fixed. If your schedule is not in a popular time of the year, you may not be able to exchange it. Thus, you are stuck in the same period every year. Oftentimes, your timeshare company might not participate in an exchange program where you could swap your units in a different location.
  4. Once you acquire the property, you are then committed for the charges and all other fees that tag along with it. While the cost of the acquisition might be lower, the charges there after along with its maintenance and other fees are a bit depressing. And you are obliged to pay up those responsibilities, if you want to keep a good maintenance of your timeshare.
  5. Timeshare resales can be an investment. Over the time, the value of your property might increase or depreciate – depending on the location, time and renovations or progress of the property over time.

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