Timeshares in British Columbia are Getting Faced Up

There is a new wave of real estate that is challenging the traditional timeshare dominance in British Columbia’s Columbia Valley. As reported by the Calgary Herald, fractional real estate is making an impact and slicing a market share with timeshares. The Residences at Fairmont Ridge, town houses in Columbia Valley … Read more

How to Sell Your Timeshare Decently in No Time

Here are some tips on how to sell your timeshare fast even under poor economic condition. We all know that this kind of property needs an immense amount of money to sustain its existence but in reality, you are just nourishing an empty and immobile property. Timeshares are truly attractive … Read more

Some Timeshare Tax Implications

Did you think timeshares are exempt from taxes? Well, you’re absolutely wrong. A timeshare property is a capital asset; you can generate profits from it once it is sold. It is not considered an investment unlike real estate properties since you actually do not own the unit but rather what … Read more