Sell Your Timeshare Fast

When you realized you are at the edge of your budgeting and found out it’s not balance anymore, you are then reviewing what are the things you need to let go. Definitely a sleeping asset is one. Timeshares have brought joy to weekend spenders but as time goes by, they … Read more

Most Effective Ways to Cancel a Timeshare Contract

Most people consider timeshare as a costly vacation experience. With the economic conditions that we are having today, almost everyone is tightening their budget and starts to be wiser on their spending ventures. Most timeshare owners, who have seen these extra expense a burden, are trying to get away from … Read more

Choosing Between Timeshare and Travel Club

People are so dying to get away from their boring routines. From time to time, they wanted to refresh themselves from the pressures. Typically, you would drive yourself to nearby resorts, check-in, and relax for a couple of weeks. However, there are two wonderful and better choices plus with a … Read more

Top 5 Advantages of Timeshare Travel

After listening to about an hour of sales talk and maybe educational trips on the timeshare communities, you find yourself purchasing your very own dream getaway. Here are some wonderful benefits you should know in owning a timeshare: You deserve a break. After working so hard, you definitely earn a … Read more

How to Properly Sell Your Timeshares

Spending your vacation from time to time can be spent in a more affordable way when you have timeshare rentals. Acquiring a timeshare is simple. However when you want to get rid of it and wish to move to another timeshare is another story. There are guides on how to … Read more

Timeshare Owners Seek Reprieve Through Resale

Recent years saw a lot of consumers buying into the excitement of owning timeshares. At present, over 6 million of the American population owns a timeshare, a piece of vacation property whose ownership is shared by multiple individuals, each earning the right of usage of the property for at least … Read more

The Lowdown on Timeshare Special Assessment Fees

Owners of timeshare properties know the drill. Each year, they receive a billing statement indicating their annual maintenance fees for the timeshare they’ve purchased. On top of those yearly recurring fees, timeshare owners get billed for what timeshare companies refer to as special assessment fees. These fees include charges for … Read more