Timeshare Reviews Help You Decide

Timeshare is a kind of investment that is beneficial over time. When a timeshare is in a reputable and large resort, it would be easier for owners to trade their units and get on to another location. However, before choosing your timeshare, you make sure you read a lot of … Read more

Merits and Demerits of Timeshare Resales

Merits It is more economically sensible to purchase a timeshare than buying an entire vacation spot. We all know that vacations are granted on about 2 to 3 week a year. You really don’t have the entire 365 days to enjoy a vacation house, so why pay for it? You … Read more

Finding a Right Time to Purchase a Timeshare

The threat on foreclosure is also possible with timeshares. Unable to pay the maintenance or other payments on loan used to purchase such property will forfeit the ownership the deeded timeshare. This is according to Arthur Waloch, Vice president of Aspen National Collections, a Grand Junction, Colo., a firm that … Read more

Be Familiar with Your Timeshare Rights

When you are not really knowledgeable with your timeshare, most likely you’ll get fraud or scammed. Most people would jump right into something without taking a step backwards, look on an outside perspective, ask for a legal advice and sometimes listen to their instincts. They would be impulsively attracted to … Read more

Make Profits Out of Your Timeshare

Properties are highly appraised in value through time. However if you purchase a timeshare property, perceiving that it might give you a regular income in the future, then you have to think again. But that does not mean it’s useless. Some owners earn from their timeshare by having it rented … Read more

The True Value of Your Timeshare

Investing in a timeshare is something getting tied up with a property that actually does not increase its value as time goes by. No matter how exciting the deal is still it does not have a good point of view in the profit side. You already know the business that … Read more